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Mushroom Cup
Mario Circuit 1
Donut Plains 1
Ghost Valley 1
Bowser Castle 1
Mario Circuit 2

Flower Cup
Choco Island 1
Ghost Valley 2
Donut Plains 2
Bowser Castle 2
Mario Circuit 3

Star Cup
Koopa Beach 1
Choco Island 2
Vanilla Lake 1
Bowser Castle 3
Mario Circuit 4

Special Cup
Donut Plains 3
Koopa Beach 2
Ghost Valley 3
Vanilla Lake 2
Rainbow Road

ShortCut Trick
Ghost Valley 2 - SC
Bowser Castle 2 - SC
Donut Plains 3 - SC
Ghost Valley 3 - SC
Rainbow Road - SC


The rules for this site are pretty simple :

You have to play on a PAL console with a PAL cartridge or on a NTSC console with a NTSC cartridge. Adaptators and emulators are not allowed. Action replay, gameshark, game genie, overclocking, switching, or other similar cheats or system modifications are not allowed.

Here is an explanation about the differences between PAL and NTSC.

You can send just one or all the records you've done. The more records you send, the more points you can get for the ranking score.

You can use any character you want. You can play the 1-player mode or the 2-player mode. If the interactions that the player 2 can have with you are not too excessive, your record can be allowed. Some shortcuts with mini driver are not allowed : because this is possible when the player 2 uses a lightning item then crushes you. If you are near a wall for example, you can go over the wall by flying after being crushed.

You can use as many items you can get during the course, if you get 3 mushrooms for a 5-lap record, then it's good for you ;-). You can also drive in reverse direction if you want to get a good item for a further f-lap record try.

You have to distinguish normal records, shortcut records and trick records. Nevertheless, most of the shortcuts that can be done thanks to items (for example when you reach another part of the track thanks to the feather), are considered as regular and count as normal records.

For a normal record, everything is allowed, except :
- all the Lakitu tricks without exception :
if you make a normal strat, but then fall in the void and lakitu picks you up, you record can be allowed unless the way the strat you've done makes it impossible NOT to fall.
- excessive turn around the finish line (which means that it's a trick) done with a feather or by bouncing on a wall or the water or going into the water, the lava, the void or the outer side of the track. At CI2 you can jump over the wall thanks to a feather in order to reach the end of the lap and get a sub 5 seconds lap, it wont be considered as a trick or a shortcut because it's not considered as excessive. Shortcuts can also be considered excessive when you pass the line on the air or by driving on the wall or by taking the lap really in opposite direction to manage to do the shortcut correctly. Unless you're sure that you're using an allowed shortcut, you can ask me if you have any doubt.
- ultima tricks :
when you zigzag near the finish line or hit the wall near the finish line, you can skip a lap.
when you land on the wall near the finish line, it can make you skip one or more laps!

Be careful not to send to the site the times done with these tricks!

In PAL, some tricks or shortcut (SC) are allowed but aren't used for the ranking score and the total times calculations :
- at GV2, BC2, GV3 and RR, you can use a feather in order to cut half (or more) of the lap ; this shortcut trick is a trick because when you jump with the feather in order to reach the other side of the track, you can't reach the other side, but you're close enough of the finish line to get your lap finished. Nevertheless, this trick is only allowed for the fast lap time, but you don't have to use the time gained for the next lap profit (when you pass the line in the air, it can occur that Lakitu put you further down the track) that is why, for the 5-lap time, you must only use this trick at the last lap.
- at DP3 (and eventually DP1 and DP2), you can jump over the wall by bouncing on the water in order to cut half (or more) of the lap, but it will be considered as a ShortCut time (nevertheless it's quite very difficult to make a success of this technique).

In NTSC i think some Donut Plains wall jump over the water can be easy to do then it is to be counted as a normal record. But if you think there is a faster strategy of doing a wall jump over the water for a DP track, but that it's very difficult to do, then you will have to fill it in the Shortcut Trick field. Also it is possible some of the shortcut tricks that we have in PAL are possible to get as a normal record in NTSC (if you can reach the other part of the track and land on it without passing the line while you are in the air), though there can also be more shortcut trick in other tracks (for example it can be possible in BC1 to jump with a feather and reach the line when you are in the second straight line with all the bumpers), then you will not have to add the times done with these new shortcut tricks in the normal times fields, you will have to ask me to add a special field in the shortcut tricks fields.

Some shortcut tricks can be performed as normal records if you manage to reach the other part of the track with a special technique, for example with a LB which can give you more speed and then help you land on the track.

You can break ice blocks in the Vanilla Lake tracks to do a record, but you cannot break the blocks in the Ghost Valley tracks if it helps you to take a shortcut.